Lotto Betting FAQ

What is Lotto Betting?

In the simplest terms, Lotto Betting is similar to playing an official lottery. That is, you choose lotto numbers and play them and if your numbers come up in the draw, you stand to win the same prizes as the official draw. But, the clear distinction with Lotto Betting is you are not actually buying an official lottery ticket, instead you are simply placing a bet on your numbers. With BreakoutLottos, there are additional benefits over playing the official lotteries.

How is it possible for BreakoutLottos to pay the high jackpot amounts?

BreakoutLottos, and specifically lotto betting, actually works on an insurance model. This means, for prizes over a certain value, BreakoutLottos has insurance to cover these payouts and is able to pay even the largest jackpots. On smaller amounts, prizes are paid from sales revenues.

How does BreakoutLottos work?

Through the BreakoutLottos website, you select which international lottery you want to play. You then choose your lucky numbers according to the criteria of that lottery. For example: 6 main numbers and 1 bonus ball number. You can play one entry or multiple, it’s up to you. You then pay for your entries on BreakoutLottos.

When you have completed your entries and paid for them, you will see a confirmation of your entry in your BreakoutLottos account. Please take note that you do not receive a physical ticket, the entire process is electronic.

Finally, when the official lottery draw takes place, if you have winning combinations, you will be notified by BreakoutLottos and will receive your winnings directly into your BreakoutLottos account, which you can then use to play more or withdraw. The prize payouts are identical to the prize tiers of the official draws except the prize money is paid by BreakoutLottos and not by the lottery operator.

Why play BreakoutLottos and not just buy an official lottery ticket?

There are many benefits to playing with BreakoutLottos. Firstly, BreakoutLottos gives you access to all the major lotteries around the globe, some of which would require you to be a resident of those countries or to go there physically to play the lotto. With BreakoutLottos, you don’t need to go anywhere, you simply login and play.

The next major benefit of playing with BreakoutLottos is that our model allows for us to offer you special promotions, discounts on tickets and even additional prizes and gifts. Make sure you never miss a great opportunity and watch your email for regular lotto promotions.


Play with BreakoutLottos now! You could be reeling in the cash sooner than you think!