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Although there is a sequence of seven numbers on the lottery ticket, only the last six numbers count for this game. The seven-digit number sequence results from the fact that this number sequence is also used for game 77.

There are six different prize classes in the Super 6 game – each additional number that matches a higher prize class applies. The prize categories and their winnings are made up as follows:

The special thing about the Super 6 game is that the main prize of 100,000 euros always remains the same. That means there is no jackpot. There is a small exception: if a very large number of players happen to have six correct numbers at once, the payout is limited to 100 times 100,000 euros. But this is very unlikely.

If you want to play the Super 6 game, you must first choose another lottery game – for example 6 out of 49. On the lottery ticket, a seven-digit sequence of numbers is usually shown below, which is given and cannot be freely selected. This sequence of numbers applies to the games Spiel 77 and Super 6. In addition, participants in the Super 6 can tick a box with which they confirm themselves as a participant in this game. For the Super 6 game, only the last six digits of this given sequence of numbers are important – in reverse order. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the winning numbers for the Super 6 game are announced during the lottery draw. There a six-digit sequence of numbers is read out, which you can check on your own lottery ticket as follows.

A possible winning number is around 284345. The winning number of the lottery ticket shown above is: 3513745. The first winning number (from the right) in this example is 5. It is also the first number from the right on your own lottery ticket. The second winning number here is 4, which also matches your own sequence of numbers. The other numbers no longer match the sequence of numbers, i.e. the participant is in prize class 2 with two correct final numbers. He wins 6 euros.

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WestLotto LSD is back. LSD stands for “Lotto SuperDing”: A complete package contains 50 tips for LOTTO 6aus49 with consecutive ticket numbers – and a guaranteed minimum win of 33.75 euros. In addition, you have 50 chances to win the jackpot and other winnings. That will be decided on April 4th. Because all LSD combinations take part in this Saturday draw from LOTTO 6aus49.

The LSD is played as a quick tip: all numbers are determined by a random generator. Alternatively, you can tick twelve tips yourself. The others will then be added automatically. The LSD is available in all WestLotto retail outlets, in the WestLotto app (there as a pure QuickTipp version) or on the Internet at The edition of the packages is limited.

No participation under 18 years of age. Gambling can be addicting! Help and advice at: State Coordination Office for Gambling Addiction NRW – Telephone: 0 800-0 77 66 11 (free of charge) Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA); Telephone: 0 800-1 37 27 00 (free)

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